Starting small, we are introducing our first product, a demonstration of more products made with FerroLam to come.

FerroLam Spinning Tops

The FerroLam Spinning Top is made locally from an innovative material, composed of the invasive species, blackberry bramble, and is a responsible substitute for tropical hardwoods. The bramble is sourced from the Still Creek Restoration project and other local land recovery projects.

Blackberry bramble, an invasive species is harvested from areas throughout the city. This means, no shipping costs and a low environmental impact.
Processing begins in the field, removing some of the sharper parts of the vine.
Once in the shop, the thorns are removed by running them through rollers.
The material is then soaked and mixed with non-toxic binders. The dark color of the material comes from iron.

FerroLam is bonded with a unique combination of non-toxic ingredients, this heat-pressed product mimics the natural growth of dense hardwoods by creating a network of tannins, polysaccharides and iron that form a durable network which locks together the strands of cellulose. 

Sciencey stuff.
Dried raw material.
Bundled and weighed to assure consistency.
Moulded material after it has been heated and pressed.
Removing a top from the mould. This one broke, but you get the idea.
Once the moulding process is complete, the material is as solid as hardwood. The tops are then finished to ensure a smooth spin.

An important feature of all FerroLam products is that they can be entirely biodegraded by fungi, bacteria and insects. The FerroLam Spinning Top is durable in use, but will gracefully decompose back to the landscape if left outside.

The FerroLam material is fully recyclable with no toxic waste.